Our Team

Dr. Judith Leech, MD, FRCPC, D, ABSM (Co-Director)
Dr. Qasim Alikhan, MD, FRCPC, D, ABSM (Co-Director)
Dr. Naomi Spitale, MD, FRCPC
Dr. Ruwan Amartunga, MD, FRCPC, WSSD
Dr. CS. Brian Lin, MD, FRCPC

Residents and Fellows undergoing training in the Respirology Training Program at the University of Ottawa sometimes join us as well.

Administrative Staff:
Our friendly team includes Debby, Jane, Micheline, and Heather.

Sleep Technician:
Becky is our Chief Technologist who works closely with our ten sleep technologists.  Our Sleep staff speak Mandarin, Shanghai Dialect, French, English, Tamil, Singhalese, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese and Kiswahili.