Our Sleep Clinic Services

The West Ottawa Sleep Centre (WOSC) is an Independent Health Facility (IHF) licensed under the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO). Every 5 years the College’s IHF staff selects an assessment team. The team is composed of a specialty-specific peer physician, and a technologist or nurse  depending on whether the assessment is of a diagnostic and/or an ambulatory/surgical facility. For more information regarding the CPSO's review process refer to the Independent Health Facility website.  WOSC was last reviewed November 2013. Click here to a review of the IHF's 27 page report.

For feed back to our Chief Technologist and Physicians, complete a  Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our Services: We offer our services to adults, adolescents (13-17yrs) and Pediatric (7-12yrs)

As of July 2015 WOSC will be seeing Pediatric patients between the ages of 7-12, with Respiratory Sleep Disordered Breathing. (snoring and obstructive sleep apnea) Please refer to the Pediatric section of our website.
       **All pediatric patient require a Parent or Guardian to stay with them for the over night sleep study**

Overnight Sleep Studies:

Daytime Sleep Studies:

Extra Services Not Covered by OHIP (a referral is needed from an Ontario Physician)
  • Portable Home Sleep Study ($250.00) Adult only
  • Actigraphy  ($100.00)
  • Home Over night  Oximetry ($25.00)

Bi Annually members of out staff travel up to Nunavut to preform portable sleep studies on residence of Iqaluit NU. 

**"MATRx is a remote-controlled, oral appliance titration study performed in the sleep lab that produces results enabling physicians to confidently prescribe oral appliance therapy that will be efficacious."