Is the sleep study and physician consultation covered by OHIP?
Yes both are covered. You will need to bring your valid Ontario health card to each of your appointments.

Can I still have a sleep study if I'm not an Ontario resident?
For all Provinces/Territories outside of Ontario, we do NOT reciprocal bill. Patients pay prior to their sleep study booking and submit the fee to their private/Provincial insurance.
The West Ottawa Sleep Centre does not direct bill. It is the patient's responsibility submit the invoice to their insurance.

Do you accept patients from Quebec?
The province of Quebec does not cover Sleep studies preformed in Ontario. All service including consults will need to be paid in advance or on the day of the service. Various sleep study options are available which can be discussed during a consultation with one of our Sleep Specialists.

I normally sleep naked at home, do I have to bring pajamas?

Yes, there are a mix of male and female staff members and patients, so pajamas are a must.
There is also the potential of patients age 13 and up.

Can I bring my pet, dog or cat?
Unfortunately not, this is a medical testing facility.

Can I bring my pillow and blankets?
No.  Due to allergies & sanitary reasons do NOT bring any outside bedding.  WOSC has a number of different types of blankets and pillows on site.  Should you still bring pillows, blankets, heating blankets or stuffed animals they will be placed in large plastic bags and left in the waiting room until morning.

Is there somewhere to park?
The parking lot is on the west side of the building.  From 8:30pm to 7am the parking is $2.00.  After 7am the cost is $14.00.
Bring your parking ticket with you as you will need it to paid in the morning.  The kiosks is just inside the building entrance and accepts cash and credit cards only. 
The West Ottawa Sleep Centre is not responsible to pay for parking fees.

Why is there a no show fee for the sleep study?
These tests are in high demand, therefore we prefer to optimize the use of our resources.   Should you need to cancel/ reschedule please contact our office at 613-722-9900 ext 2 OR email us, [email protected]  a minimum of 48hrs prior to your scheduled appointment.

Are there showering facilities at the lab?
There are no shower facilities at WOSC, so you will want to go home first to shower.

How do I remove the paste used in my hair?
The best way to remove the paste from your hair is using a comb and hot water. Do not use shampoo to remove the paste. Only use shampoo once the paste is fully dissolved.

My appointment is at 8:30 but I don't sleep until 11pm, can I come in later?
No. There are multiple patients every night and the bookings allow for the most efficient flow for the staff.  We encourage you to bring a book or magazine to help pass the time between the end of being "wired" up and lights out.

Do I have to share a room?  Are there bunk beds in the room?
There are individual private rooms each furnished with a double bed, end table and reading light.

I have a large 9 year old, can they be studied at your location?

Unfortunately as of March 2021 The West Ottawa Sleep Centre ceased services for children between the ages 7-12 yrs old.