Patient Information

CLICK HERE for a video walkthrough of your upcoming sleep study.

All doctor’s appointments are in Suite 303 (third floor) and sleep studies are in Suite B1 (Basement)
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******Please not there is $250.00 no show fee if you do not contact the West Ottawa Sleep Centre 48 hours prior to your scheduled sleep study******
To rebook or cancel your study please contact 613-722-9900 ext 2.

Personal pillows and Blankets are not allowed.

Please see the following video for a demonstration of a patient being set up for a sleep study.

What to Expect for overnight studies:

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Sleep Staff shift BEGINS at 8:30pm. There will be no one in the lab prior to that time.
  • Arrive at your scheduled time.
  • The test will end by 6:30am. (Please advise the Night staff if you need to wake up prior to this time.)
  • Approach the entrance on the west side of the building (the parking lot side).
  • The doors will be locked.
  • In order to enter the building please enter #0002 into the Key Pad.
  • (you will need to press the # sign first, prior to entering the 0002).
  • Please state your name clearly and you will be buzzed into the building.
  • Take the elevator to the basement and then the hallway to your right.
  • The Sleep Lab is on the left side of the hallway (Suite B1)

Don't leave your parking ticket in the car.  Bring it with you
Overnight parking (until 7:00am) is $2.00.  The kiosks accepts cash and credit cards only NO Debit and you paid in the morning prior to leaving the building.  
Leaving the parking lot any later than 7am will cost additional fees.
The night staff do not keep cash to pay for your parking.

Things to bring with you on the day of your sleep studies:
  • Health Card (OHIP)
  • A list of your current medications
  • Any medication you usually take in the evening or early in the morning
  • Modest attire for sleeping – you are in an individual room, however, the washroom is for general use by patients and staff.
  • Slippers or sandals
  • A bottle of water
  • Food is NOT permitted during overnight sleep studies, except if diabetic.
  • Do NOT bring personal Pillows or blankets
  • A book or magazine
  • A sweater
What is not allowed:
  • Pillows, heating pads, stuffed animals and blankets are not permitted
  • Pets, cats, dogs

Please Note:
  • Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages after 12:00pm prior to an overnight sleep study
  • There are both male and female technologist
  • There are 6 patients total every night. Please arrive on time
  • Avoid naps the day of your test 
  • There are no showers at the Sleep Lab Clinic
  • We do not have wireless or wired internet connections

If you have any further questions please feel free to call the Sleep Lab at 613-722-9900 Ext. 2 or send a questions to [email protected]