The West Ottawa Sleep Centre perform both Multiple Sleep Latency Test and Maintenance of  Wakefulness Test. All Daytime tests start at 7:30am sharp. Arriving late may cause the test to be cancelled and rescheduled.

The daytime tests run all day from 7:30am until 3pm.
No Caffeine the morning or day of the study. This includes all dark pop/sodas, coffee, tea and chocolate.
There is nowhere within the building to buy lunch or food so please bring a lunch and snack with you.  Also bring a fork and spoon.
There is a microwave and fridge on site.
For the times between testing, we have a DVD player so a please feel free to bring movies with you.  A laptop, tablet, books, magazines are also welcome ideas.

Multiple Sleep Latency(MSLT) includes 4, 20 min opportunities to fall asleep. Once the patient falls asleep they will be allowed to sleep for 15mins and then woken up.  Each test will occur at 2 hour intervals. There is a possibility that a 5th nap is needed. In this case the testing will not be completed until 5pm.

Maintenance of Wakefulness(MWT) consists of 4, 40 min tests while sitting upright in a lazy-boy chair.  The room is dim and quite. The only thing required is that you remain very still and stay awake for the duration of the test.

Sleep Diary please complete a sleep diary the 2 weeks prior to your sleep study.